Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's New ?

I have been away for a while....hummm. A lot of stuff happened and I have been trying to keep everything together. My grand daughter was sick and in the hospital but everything is back to normal now and we are very happy about that.

                       We had the Christening in May ....she was so cute in her little white dress..

Doll Dream Chunky Book Swap.....Update
We are done with the Swap ,  it was my first one and I loved it....time is what I need to do more things like that. I have not signed up for the new workshop at Doll Dream.ning site yet ( Ady, is teaching " Mermaids") I can not really keep up at this time. I have too many online courses not Anyway here is a photo of my finished chunky pages that I sent .

Here is a photo of the one I received


Ady downloaded a video in youtube with all of her Chunky Book Pages.
Doll dream chunky swapI am not sure I can post the link here. Will try and see..

I bought a book by Julie Nutting " Collage Couture " and fell in love with her work. Here is a picture of  my first canvas.

I also bought a book by  Mary Beth Shaw " Flavors for Mix Media " ...another good one. I painted 2 canvas with  gesso , stencils, acrylic paint and modeling paste but I feel like I have to work a little more on those two pieces....the colors are too dark....hummmm...we will see

I also have been working on 2 other canvas and I did not like what I was looking at  when I visited Jane Davis 's blog and realized I owned her book "Collage Journey I was and still am so inspired by her work. I love how she uses colors and shapes to make amazing collage/paintings. She has a tutorial about Cruciform shapes on her blog and  I used the technique to change my paintings. I am still working on these 2 paintings , I could really get addicted to collage. Will try to finish them tomorrow.

As you can see I still have a lot to do with these two. But I enjoy it !!

I am also taking an online workshop with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen..." Chaos and Calm" . I love the way they teach. I just started a painting today. = )

I am going to try to keep up with my blog, I have been having some
problems with posting comments and signing in to my blog lately.
Sometimes  I get " There is no such blog " or it takes me back
to enter email and password over and over and over again or
I can not enter " Design " Error 503...etc....etc...etc...
I am sure I am not the only one who has experience these issues
with Blogger but " La vie continue "