Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Spiders in Florida

I have been living in Florida since the late seventies and I am used to seeing all kinds of insects and lizards and ...etc...etc... but for the last few years we have had a problem with  HUGE spiders.
I knew of them but we never seen any in our backyard , now it is every week we have to spray because I can not sit outside they are so BIG, I am afraid.......= (
Their web is so strong if you get caught in it you can not get rid of it....huhhh....
They are Yellow and Black and have  lots of babies......I was cleaning the deck around the pool this morning and they were over my just have to see it to believe. Sorry if I offend spiders lovers = (    I can not help being afraid of them.


  1. Nicole, those are Banana Spiders. The large one is the female and the small one is the male who waits to mate and then he dies. They are usually very high up and of course, being a nature lover, I'm not bothered by them but they are poisonous and with your granddaughter around you should probably get rid of them so you are doing the right thing. Not everyone can be a spider lover. :)

  2. Laura,

    Thanks...I love nature too but...spiders that big...not really =)

  3. Lmaol if I saw one of those I would have started running and screaming like a crazy woman out of there. eeewwww I hate spiders.