Saturday, December 31, 2011

Glass Tiles pendants

I love Pinterest, there are so many tutorials and beautiful inspiration there.
I found a tutorial
 for Glass Tiles pendants.
I had a hard time finding the glass tiles but I did not order
on line because I did not want to wait.
I made a few and gave them as
.Christmas gifts.
Here are 4 of them.

I am sorry the picture is on it side
I could not fix it and could not take another one
because I gave them away.....


  1. I've only recently discovered Pinterest. There's so many things to see on there. I could spend hours.

    Your glass tile pendants look beautiful! I'm sure the recipients loved them.

  2. I have heard that you can get sheets of glass tiles at the hardware store.. for tiling walls and floors and stuff.. then peel them off the backing and use those.

  3. These look good Nicole.
    Certainly seem to be some neat ideas for gifts on Pinterest.

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