Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh my.....Fabrics I have always loved Fabrics. Back in the eighties , I had so much of it, I could have opened my own store. I could not resist buying more of it....The colors and prints just talked to me.
I must say I used to sew all my clothes because I was a size 1/2 and back then and there was not many choices in those sizes. I even sewed my jeans, lol. I was in Fabric Heaven.

Now I can find my size in all the stores and I do not sew my clothes anymore. I gave all the fabrics I had left when we decided to moved back to Canada , I did not want to have to pack all that. Well we did not like where we were and decided to come back to Florida and guess what.........I went to Jo Ann Fabrics to buy some paints and I saw these little colorful squares ( they were taking to me ) and of course I had to buy them.

What am I going to do with them ? I plan on using them in my journals lol ............very funny right, but when I look at them I feel good. It has nothing to do with the fabrics , it is the colors and prints , it is like a painting to me and I love to look at it.
Oh and I had to buy a sewing machine because my machines ( 4 of them ) stayed at our house in Canada where we plan to spend  a couple of months a year ? Maybe

I must stay away from Jo Ann Fabrics 

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