Friday, January 7, 2011

Workshop collage # 2

Collage # 2
using black and white copies of
journal pages .


  1. Hello and a big THANK YOU for posting the sweet comment on my blog! Your art is beautiful! I shall check back and look for more pretty creations from you in the future! Have a great day! Missy

  2. More fantastic journal pages. Journals are something I have never got into - but I love yours.

  3. Hi Nicole!
    It was wonderful to meet you today! Your art is lovely! Very inspiring! Your granddaughter is adorable! I'm sure we will be encouraging each other and getting together in the future! Butterfly hugs and dragonfly kisses to you! xo

  4. Thank you Shabby girl and Brenda , you are so nice = ).
    Laura it was nice meeting you and I agree we will surely encourage each other in the future = )